Denon sc5000 review – Professional DJ Media Player with 7″ Multi-Touch Display

Denon sc5000 review

Denon DJ has released begin 2018 its great DJ controller and media player called the Denon DJ SC5000 PRIME. This new deck has eight RGB backlit pads on the bottom to control the hotcues, samples, slicer, and loops along with a full color touch screen display and a central display on the jog wheel that shows the current track’s artwork, needle position, or a Custom DJ artwork of the user’s choice.

Before this release Denon DJ introduced new media players back in the SC2900 and SC3900 days when these devices were good alternatives to their Pioneer Counterparts, but not good enough to break through to the masses of the DJ Booths worldwide. The new SC5000 player aims to change all of this with new features that DJ’s have come to love in DJ controllers being accessible right on the face of the unit.  At Festivals like EDC Las Vegas it’s in the DJ booth. TiĆ«sto also uses this in his setup.

Check out a full Video Review:

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